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Sure, comparing web development to rocket science might be a bit of a stretch, but…

…a little hyperbole never hurts when trying to drive home a point. Truth be told, it’s not far off the mark, considering the knowledge and experience needed to deliver you positive results. We produce high-quality, high-impact, standards-compliant sites and applications that can grow and adapt with ebb and flow of your business.

Three60 Digital Design Company specializes in three areas of Design & Development

Our Process

  1. We’ll define your problem.

    “I need a website!” seems like a reasonable definition of a problem, right? At a glance it is reasonable, but dig a little deeper and often you’ll find there’s usually much more to consider. What is the objective of your website? How will visitors interact with you through your website? How often will you change your content? How will you gauge the success of your website?… and the list goes on.

    Usually a client knows exactly what they want. What they lack is a clear definition of what is it that we’re going to build. We’ll work together with you to build this definition which will become the blueprint for your site.

  2. We’ll design your solution.

    Using this blueprint we’ll break each design problem into manageable design tasks with which to assign goals or milestones. The result will be a document or specification of the deliverables. This step is crucial, what may seem like the most basic of sites can balloon out of control when the design specification is “fuzzy” or non existent.

    You wouldn’t feel confident trying a new recipe knowing only the ingredients, you’d also want to know the steps, cooking time, etc. In this step we’ll agree on a recipe for success.

  3. We’ll deliver your expectation.

    With a blueprint to keep focus on the overall goal and purpose; and a “recipe” of design tasks as a guide for development, we’ll begin the process of implementing the proposed designs. It’s a process of quick iterations followed by review, feedback, and refinement of the design task at hand. Involved in every step, your input and feedback is key to us providing you with best possible outcome.

    At Three60 Digital Design Company, our goal is not only to provide high quality design and service, but understanding what’s important to you and the success of your site. We feel that by working together we can meet, and quite possibly exceed your expectations.